Current companies

Booksy Booksy Beauty SaaS & Marketplace Founded: 2013 Partnered: 2018 Appointments made easy
Docplanner Docplanner Healthcare Marketplace Founded: 2010 Partnered: 2016 Better health appointments
Eversports Eversports Sports Venue Management Founded: 2013 Partnered: 2018 Digitizing Sport Venues
Finiata Finiata Instant SME Lending Founded: 2016 Partnered: 2017 Automating access to working capital
Flatio Flatio Mid-Term Rental Marketplace Founded: 2015 Partnered: 2016 Taking the rental process fully online
Footshop Footshop Sneaker Retailer Founded: 2012 Partnered: 2018 Redefining footwear shopping
GenieBelt GenieBelt Construction Management Founded: 2012 Partnered: 2018 Productivity leap for construction industry
Joymile Joymile Used Cars Marketplace Founded: 2016 Partnered: 2017 Connecting buyers with verified cars
KolayRandevu KolayRandevu Beauty & Wellness Marketplace Founded: 2015 Partnered: 2016 Digitizing salons
Nautal Nautal Boat Rental Marketplace Founded: 2014 Partnered: 2018 Making boat holidays mainstream
Nestpick Nestpick Apartment Rental Aggregator Founded: 2014 Partnered: 2015 Discovery of online bookable apartments Instant Grocery Delivery Founded: 2014 Partnered: 2014 Transforming a multi-billion industry
Roihunter Roihunter E-commerce Marketing Automation Founded: 2012 Partnered: 2014 Boosting ROI of e-commerce marketing
StarOfService StarOfService Professional Services Marketplace Founded: 2012 Partnered: 2016 Revolutionizing the way people hire professionals
Twisto Twisto Consumer Credit Disruption Founded: 2013 Partnered: 2013 Simple and flexible financing for daily purchases

Past companies

DámeJídlo DámeJídlo Restaurant Food Delivery Founded: 2012 Partnered: 2012 Exited to Delivery Hero in 2014
Lavito Lavito Beauty & Wellness Marketplace Founded: 2014 Partnered: 2015 Acquired by Booksy Discount Search Engine Founded: 2010 Partnered: 2011 Exited to Secret Escapes in 2017
Slevomat Slevomat Local Discovery Marketplace Founded: 2010 Partnered: 2011 Exited to Secret Escapes in 2017